About Eduscape Associates

Our Educational Specialists’ talents and expertise afford us the unique ability to offer our clients personalized support, along with a plethora of services, to fit their individual needs.

As an Educational Corporation, we recognize the importance of offering a quality education to our students and creating programs and solutions to meet their needs.

At Eduscape Associates we pride ourselves on customizing our services to help lead learning and student achievement to a higher level.

Dr. Gayle Marchica

Dr. Gayle Marchica is the Principal and Founder of Eduscape Associates Inc., a realization of her vision to make available a specialized educational resource for students and families. Eduscape was created by an educator, employs educators, and delivers quality educational experiences and advice to clients.

Eduscape Associates is based on a philosophy of individualization; creating and implementing specific programs and academic solutions tailored to the goals of our students. Gayle is an experienced professional and an experienced High School Principal specializing in addressing the specific needs and aspirations of her students.

Gayle currently holds a Doctorate Degree in Computing Studies for Educational Professionals from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University. She also has obtained a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Education and Advanced Certification in School Administration and Supervision. Gayle is also an Adjunct Professor at Pace University, New York. She presents at professional conferences, to parent groups, and by way of community forums about educational issues, college admission tests, and navigating the college process. An educator of 30+ years, she has been recognized as a Distinguished Educator both at the state and national levels and continues to support families in their quest to provide fitting educational options and opportunities for their children.

“Our professional staff has seen and experienced education from every possible perspective.”

Dr. Gayle Marchica, Principal and Founder

Eduscape Associates Inc.